Legal notice - HiberFile

Version 2021.1 of March 04, 2021

Here is absolutely everything you need to know about the HiberFile file sharing service.

  • Data: HiberFile receives your files and transmits them to Scaleway's « Amazon S3 » cloud in Paris, France for storage. No one, including the creator of HiberFile, has access to the contents of your files.
  • Personal data: Here are the data collected to ensure the operation of HiberFile:
    • IP address : Your IP address is retrieved when downloading and uploading files. It is used to complete the logs on our servers. Without this identifier, it is absolutely impossible to use HiberFile.
    • Cookies : HiberFile uses cookies only to remember your preferred language. No cookies are used to track you.
    • Please note: We will absolutely NEVER collect or process your personal data. At HiberFile, we believe that privacy is strictly confidential and must remain PRIVATE.
  • Price: The use of this website is completely free of charge. No paid service will be offered to you.
  • Third-Party services: We use Scaleway for hosting and Amazon S3 technology for file storage.
  • Support: If you need help, want more information, or have a question about HiberFile, feel free to write to us at the following email address: or send us a private message on Twitter: @HiberFile.
  • Legal notice of the host: Legal notice of Scaleway.

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